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Centurion Square
120 Oxmoor Blvd.
Suite 170
Birmingham, AL 35209


Three decades ago, I entered the medical profession to help sick people get well—and to help well people stay that way. A lot has changed in my profession which, in my opinion, has served to defeat that basic mission.

In today's managed care environment, the typical family physician simply isn't allowed the time he or she needs to practice what I call "good medicine"—the kind that pays as much attention to preventing poor health and restoring good health as it does to diagnosing and treating illness.

For most patients, it takes years to get to the point where they no longer feel healthy. There is no "magic pill" I can give anyone for restoring a youthful, healthy and vigorous lifestyle. It is a journey back to good health that takes commitment from both physician and patient.

The specialized field of wellness medicine that I am committed to demands hours of my time researching and evaluating your specific health goals and needs. I founded the Fritz Clinic to serve patients who want more than most physicians can afford to deliver. I would be honored by the opportunity to serve you.

Sincerely yours,

Woodie Fritz, M.D.
Board Certified

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