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Dr. Fritz conducts a comprehensive substance dependence assessment, as well as an evaluation of mental status and physical exam. The pros and cons of the medication, SUBOXONE, will be presented. Treatment expectations, as well as issues involved with maintenance versus medically supervised withdrawal will be discussed.

You will be switched from your current opioid (heroin, methadone or prescription painkillers) on to SUBOXONE. At the time of induction, you will be asked to provide a urine sample to confirm the presence of opioids and possibly other drugs. You must arrive for the first visit experiencing mild to moderate opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Since an individual’s tolerance and reactions to SUBOXONE vary, daily appointments may be scheduled and medications will be adjusted until you no longer experience withdrawal symptoms or cravings. Urine drug screening is typically required for all patients at every visit during this phase.

Intake and Induction may both occur at the first visit, depending on your needs and Dr. Fritz’s evaluation.

Once the appropriate dose of SUBOXONE is established, you will stay at this dose until steady blood levels are achieved. You and Dr. Fritz will discuss your treatment options from this point forward.

Treatment compliance and progress will be monitored. Participation in some form of behavioral counseling is strongly recommended to ensure best chance of treatment success. You are likely to have scheduled appointments on a bi-weekly basis, however, if treatment progress is good and goals are met, monthly visits will eventually be considered sufficient. The Maintenance phase can last from weeks to years – the length of treatment will be determined by you and Dr. Fritz.

Medically Supervised Withdrawal
As your treatment progresses, you and Dr. Fritz may eventually decide that medically supervised withdrawal is an appropriate option for you. In this phase, Dr. Fritz will gradually taper your SUBOXONE dose over time, taking care to see that you do not experience any withdrawal symptoms or cravings.

Dr. Fritz has years of experience helping patients to eliminate the reality of drug abuse. He will assist you in “getting your life back.”

We have a staff of six certified Suboxone doctors that makes scheduling an appointment easy. Our fees are $150/month and the initial induction is also $150. We do not take insurance, but we do process the Prior Authorizations for insurance to pay for the patients Suboxone. Fritz Clinic also provides the forms in order for the patient to get reimbursed for the office visit. We do see patients one Saturday per month by special appointment.

Please visit our Contact Us page for directions and business hours. Call us at– 205-877-8585.

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