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Step One: Getting To Know The Patient

Your first appointment at THE FRITZ CLINIC is much like a meeting between friends. Dr. Fritz talks with his patients about their health history and lifestyle, dietary habits and exercise history-then he evaluates risk factors, hormonal balances, the level of toxic substances in your body and your overall state of health.

He also administers a broad scope of advanced lab tests to help develop a comprehensive health model for the patient. Based on the results of these evaluations and tests, a long-term health plan is designed with step-by-step programs to help the patient achieve optimal health.

Step Two: Commitment

"For most patients, it takes years to get to the point where they no longer feel healthy", Dr. Fritz says. "There is no 'magic pill' I can give anyone for restoring a youthful, healthy and vigorous lifestyle." He comments that it is a journey back to good health that takes commitment from both physician and patient. That commitment lies at the very heart of why he states he made the decision to open the Fritz Clinic.

He goes on to explain that under the constraints of managed care, most physicians are not afforded the time to sit down, talk with, and, most importantly, listen to their patients. The specialized field of wellness medicine that he is committed to demands hours of time researching and evaluating specific health goals and needs.

Step Three: Designing Your Program

The Fritz Clinic programs rely upon a variety of mainstream and complementary medical health techniques including:

Comprehensive Health Workup

State of the art 21st century lab testing that includes hormonal evaluation, Digestive stool analysis, toxic food syndrome, blood analysis for amino Acid, essential elements testing and antioxidant status.

Nutritional Supplementation

Evaluation based upon each individual's actual needs and lifestyle constraints. Dr. Fritz believes that natural supplements work in concert with the body to achieve maximum health and fitness. Most patients ask the same question…" what vitamins and supplements should I be taking?" Because there are thousands of infomercials suggesting their product is the "all encompassing answer" to the needs of everyone, it makes the patient wonder how much is truth and how much is "selling product". Dr. Fritz does not sell supplements or vitamins. He does not have his own line of skin care, fat burners or body building nutriceuticals. He does extensive testing of his individual patient and determines exactly what is missing in order to prescribe a regimen.

Hormonal Therapy

Recommended for men and women is therapy using bioidentical hormones rather than synthetic products that do not remotely resemble the molecular structure of the hormones that are being replaced. Dr. Fritz addresses specifically the growing need for postmenopausal women to be educated about their particular requirements. The number of women that respond negatively to the typical treatments for hot flashes, night sweats, lack of libido, and nights without sleep are astounding. He has been pleased to see firsthand that these same women respond to a natural formula and thrive as they once again feel like being a part of society again!
The need for testosterone therapy with middle and older aged men is also addressed. Only in the past few years has mainstream medicine recognized how important it is to test for hormone levels in men as well as women. The results of this testing produces the ability to develop an overall plan for the active male desiring restored energy, vitality, libido and weight control.

Dr. Fritz is a great believer in exercise and fitness training. He has learned that men and women must feel like exercising in order to be successful in beginning and continuing a fitness plan. The right balance of hormonal therapy is crucial in this regimen.



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